Special News
Deans Council for June 2018

 The Board of Deans of Kafrelsheikh University met on Monday, 11/6/2018, under the chairmanship of Prof. Maged Elkemary, President of the University.  At the beginning of the meeting Elkemary congratulated prof. Hassan Younis, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, wishing him every success.

The Board discussed all aspects of the examination and evaluation and emphasized the need to urge the faculty members to complete the evaluation process   and control procedures. He also urged all colleges to complete the announcement of results as soon as possible.

Besides, he stressed the need to prepare for the new academic year 2018/2019 to develop curricula and teaching methods, so that the student becomes involved in the learning process, and not just a recipient, in addition to the preparation of classrooms and teaching aids, as well as the preparation of academic schedules and coordination between colleges in regard to the central stands and designing specialized courses in advanced teaching methods for faculty members.