Special News
Council of Deans

 The Board of Deans, held today Tuesday 10/4/2018 under the chairmanship of Elkemary discussed a number of issues aimed at promoting academic performance in the university.

He said that the session dealt with a lot of issues, most notably the preparations for the celebration of the 12th University Anniversary, and honoring the distinguished professors in the dissemination of international scientific research and winners of the scientific and administrative awards, and the best scientific research.

 The Council also discussed the need to review the academic programs annually, propose amendments, evaluate and develop them to suit the requirements of the labor market, as well as review the promotion courses for faculty members to conform to the vision and mission of the university.

Elkemary said that the council discussed ways of completing faculty members in various specializations to enable the university to fulfill its desired role, in addition to enhancing scientific and cultural cooperation with Singapore in the field of teaching Arabic. He discussed the optimal utilization of the student services building.

Besides, he stressed the importance of commitment to institutional work, to promote the educational and research process in the university and seek to increase the efficiency of the optimal use of the university's buildings.