Kafrelsheikh University Students Train to Detect Antiquities

 Prof. Elkemary, President of the University, visited the delegation of graduate students who participated in the field research project of exploration in Buto, Kafrelsheikh, pointing out that this project is a sample of cooperation between Kafrelsheikh University and the University of Antiquities  

Elkemary stated that the project aims to provide graduates with training, academic and vocational skills, in addition to help them in employment within the framework of a strategy based on bringing up Egyptian citizens announced by the President Elsisy in the recommendations of the sixth youth universities conference, and the interest of University in applied education. He added that the remote sensing technology was used   through space imaging in the mapping and archaeological analysis and integrated with systems and geographic information systems analysis of spatial information to detect the antiquities. It is worth noting that the aerial photography is a state- of- the art technology used for detecting, mapping and archaeological analysis.