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Establishment of Animal House for Conducting Research Experiments at Faculty of Pharmacy, Kafrelsheikh University

Today Thursday 8th February 2018 Prof. Dr. Maged Elkemary Kafrelsheikh University president had inspection for the stages of establishment of animal house which will be utilized for scientific research experiments at Faculty of pharmacy, these to provide experimental   animals for research’ organizations, at different university faculties; thus to  support scientific research. In this regards, consideration has been emphasized regarding the design of the house to be according the updated international standards in this field; with consideration of the animal rights which followed internationally regarding not exposure of the animals to any aggression or violence   & providing all  needed means of care i.e. presence of enough light , ventilation , temperature & nutrition , in addition, not practicing any experiment without anesthesia for the sake of animal’ pains , also  procedure of  legal &  safe disposal  of live animals.

On his side, Elkemary emphasized that the establishment of   animal house   comes out within the frame of   completion   of   research components at scientific faculties to ensure absence of any obstacles facing conducting scientific research and practicing applied experiments done for the sake of animal / and human being which have a beneficial impact or achieve one step of  the process of drug manufacturing.  On his words, the university president indicated that the animal house at faculty of pharmacy   considered ethical and legal aspects that should be followed while utilizing animals in experimental research either for serving the animal or for the benefit of human being.  on the same line, he stressed on the importance of setting a system or legal frame protecting animal in its utilization field either in the scientific research or education and training, through it the criteria of human being’ communication with animal are settled within the International standards. 


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