Arabic Center of Non-native Speakers Witness Graduation of the 5th Batch at Kafrelsheikh University

Today Thursday on 18/01/2018 ,  Prof. Dr. Maged ElKemary ,Kafrelsheikh University president witnessed graduation ceremony of  5th  Batch of non-native speakers’ graduates at Arabic Language Center (at Kafrelsheikh University), where fifteen Chinese students are graduated , the graduation ceremony was held at Faculty of Arts,  Kafrelsheikh University   in the presence of University president prof. Dr . Maged ElKemary; Prof. Dr. Ali Abu Shosha , Vice president of Community  & Developmental Affairs;  Prof. Dr. Abed Allah Alaam , Dean Faculty of Arts & Prof. Dr. Waleed AlBeheery , Vice Dean of Education & Students’ Affairs and Director of Arabic Language Center for Non-native speakers. 


At the beginning of the ceremony the Chinese students started by a national song for the two countries i.e. the Republic of Egypt & People's Republic of China, then they gave   an Egyptian national song with Arabic Language where all attendees have been enjoyed   with as this indicates the development of those students ; the university president said.


In his speech, the University president expresses his happiness of graduation of the 5th Batch of learning Arabic Language for non-native speakers of chinse students and  how much they reach to level of mastering the Arabic Language pointing out that Kafrelsheikh became a model who can be followed by others.  In addition, H.E. extended his thanks for each one participated in this program clarifying this outstanding achievement of these graduates reflects the center of Arabic Language at Kafrelsheikh University is among the outstanding centers which specialized in this field,   furthermore H.E. extends his wishes success  for students in addition to the continuation of learning Arabic Language. On the same line he promised with development of performance , quality & possibilities.


   In his speech, ElKemary announced that the university is working currently to establish a branch for Confucius Institute at Kafrelsheikh university for teaching Chinse Language for Egyptian as well as the Arab students, in addition to conducting training sessions of chines language through chinse experts. Moreover, the president kindly added the activation of teaching Arabic Language program for non-native speakers and awarding a Bachelor degree from Faculty of Alalsun.


  At the end of the ceremony, ElKemary congratulated the graduates, and   handed them the graduation certificates; also he appreciated the professors and academic staff who are working at the center & praise   their outstanding role which directed to the community services and supporting the collaborative international relation with the university.