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Scholarships for Outstanding Graduates from Scientific Research Academy

Scientific Research and Technology Academy announces about scholarships for outstanding graduates (scientists of next generation/ the sixth cycle) ASRT/TRG/2018 to get Master’s Degree for a new generation of distinguished Egyptian graduates;  and these are scholarships with targeted goals and topics to meet the society needs and contribute to find  solutions for solving problems  facing the community i.e. in energy, food, water, industry, social researches and science as well as technology management. The scholarship affords around 106 Egyptian   pound (one hundred & six thousand pounds) per each student.

The details are as the following:

Monthly bonus 2000 pounds along the period of scholarship (30 months)

Specialized training for 3 months in language, computer, basic skills, innovation management, entrepreneurship and intellectual property rights for 10 thousand pounds

Contribution to research expenses with amount of 36 thousand pounds.


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