Protest of Kafrelsheikh University Students against American Decision of AlKods

 Today Wednesday 13/12/2017 Kafrelsheikh University witnessed a peaceful   students’ protest, these   in front of Monument of university Martyrs within the university campus for a period of 30 minutes, these for denouncing the decision of U.S.A president Donald Tramb of transferring the American embassy to occupied AlKods city, where students stressing and calling that AlKods is Arabic forever.   

Large group of university students and academic staff leading  by & under the   direction of  Prof. Dr. Maged ElKemary, University  president & in  accompany of vice presidents, Faculties’ Deans;  thus for stressing and  rejection of  humiliating and unfair decision ,and alarming the unpredictable outcome , in addition to stimulating the feelings and angry among all Muslims in Arabic and international countries. 

 On his side, the university president said that what U.S.A. president done will not change   any of   the truth & will not affect AlKods’ position’ historically, religiously and legally stressing AlKods is occupied by Israel , and by any mean any actions cannot be made for changing the current situation at AlKods city. ElKamry continuing his speech commenting this brute and hasty decision will open  a door and give chance for many fields of negative  effects which threatening the process of peace in the Middle East;  however,  it will give a chance  for opening a door of conflict which in its turn will have a bad effect of the whole parities. On the other hand, the students pointed out that this protest came up to express on their feelings and being in side to side with the   Palestinian’ problem; and ensuring all students are behind the Arabic problem;    furthermore,   considering that as the least they can provide from the side of  university students.