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The Opening of First International Scientific Conference of Faculty of Specific Education , Kafrelsheikh University in Sharm el Sheikh

Today Wednesday 25/10/2017, the first international scientific conference of Faculty of Specific Education Kafrelsheikh University has been opened and begins under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Prof Dr Khalid Abed el Gaffar and Kafrelsheikh University president & H.E Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, the conference held in Sharm el Sheikh, the city of peace the conference title “The importance of Qualitative sciences, its developmental role and the challenges of labor market” & highlights its importance in line with the conditions of the stage as the role of universities is no longer limited to grant certificate and provide students with knowledge, as well as the importance  of the ability of universities for an additional knowledge , and further utilization for the benefit of the community and economy and the support of employing its outputs.

As well, Kafrelsheikh University is seeking to pay attention to university outputs through scientific and research excellence and linking academic programs with labor market requirements by acquiring students, before graduation, professional skills through their training in training factories inside faculties or in institutions which simulate the realities and   reducing the gap between being at the university and reality of business sector.


In addition to enabling the students to display their researches, innovations and graduation projects and get benefits from Stanford University’s experience whose students’ projects has been turned into giant economic projects e.g. it shown   in the field of information technique and electronic services. On the same line of the conference a 21 specialties from 21 Arab countries and   region as well a  20 Egyptian universities were included . Fifteen Universities have contributed with 15 scientific researches judged scientifically and accessible for publication.



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