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Dismissal of Professor from Kafrelsheikh University

On its regular & monthly meeting of Kafrelsheikh University council, the council on its meeting #148 on 31/07/2017 decided dismissal of Dr. Gamal Ahmed Elsherbeny Mustafa, Associate professor of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Kafrelsheikh University because of the of being in the Jail for three years, and his accusation of being a member of    Muslim brotherhood & attempted murder in case #7753, on the year 2014, according to the judgment of Criminal Court (AlMansura Awal).  The decision of dismissal from the university coming out according to the Supreme Council  of Egyptian Universities,  its policies & Regulations (Law # 49 for 1972)  as well according to the Civil Law & its Regulation (Law #81 for 2106).


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