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The University Council Discusses the Scientific and Research Developments

The university council is held today Monday 27/2/2017 under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary to discuss and review the most important developments of the educational and research process in the different faculties.

As well, el kemary stresses the need to pay attention to increase the scientific productivity and not to be misled by fabricated problems that will disable the interest of work, waste the time in vain, promote the public interest and not to exploit the concept of self-accounting for staff members by mistake.

Otherwise, el Kemary says that it is necessary to maximize the benefit from the trash in the university, recycle and repair them to reuse so as to preserve the public money within the circumstances of the state.

El Kemary adds that the university completes all devices, tools, equipment and medical needs that would contribute in providing the best medical services for patients either outpatient clinics or internal departments, so there is no reason for default or slowdown and he mentions that the operation requirements are available by percentage of 90% and thus the full operation of the hospital will be satisfactory from the first of next March.

On the other hand, the council agrees to appoint in the position of professor Dr Osama Abed el Aziz Gab Allah (the Faculty of Arts), in the position of assistant professor Dr Atef Mohames el Sibai Ahmed (the Faculty of Agriculture), in the position of lecturer Dr Mona Morgan Abed el Wanis Kaism (the Faculty of Agriculture) and Dr Ahmed Mosbah Fotoh el Sheriff (the Faculty of Sportive Education).

The council also agrees to appoint in the position of lecturer in nanotechnology and science institute the following: “Wesam Awad Ahmed- Nano medicine”, “Muhammed Khalid Musbah- Nano biomedical engineering”, “Kamil Reziq el Shahaat- Nano chemistry”.

Otherwise, the council also agrees to grant doctorate degree for Eman Abed Rabbo Youssef and Ikram Hanfawy Ahmed Barkat and Master’s Degree for Tamer Hamada el Sheikh, Ahmed Ali Ahmed el Saidi, Abed el Monsef Saad el Sakhawy and Ahmed Mohamed Mustafa Ghalwash.



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