Innovation Development and Research Program

New group for all researchers in Kafrelsheikh University

We have established a new group for all researchers in Kafrelsheikh University and want all of postgraduate students (Master and PhD) and postdoctoral researchers to register in this group.

The objectives:

The main aim of KafrelSheikh research group is to help all staff members and assistant researchers in Kafrelsheikh University to find and apply for relevant international, national and local calls for projects.
This group also aims to make the communication between researchers/staffs easier and to discuss their suggestions and opinions.

How to register?

Simply send an e-mail to the moderator (Dr. Mohammed Rizk, or accept the invitation from him to join Kafrelsheikh research group (KFS_Res_group).

This group under the supervision of
Prof. Ibrahim Aman
Prof. Alaa Salem
Dr. Mohammed Rizk (moderator)
Dr. Sayed Belal