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Technology and Science Club

The club plan:

1)      Holding training courses in the fields of (electronics and communications, computer and software, chemical industries, mechanics and Nanotechnology….etc)

2)      Participating in the forum of science clubs of Egyptian Universities

3)      Participation in fairs and competitions organized by the Ministry of Youth, Scientific Research Academy and other universities

4)      Conducting scientific competitions for the students

5)      Showing scientific films

6)      Organizing visits for exploratory Suzanne Mubarak Center of Science and science clubs in other universities

7)      Providing some practical experiments

8)      Organizing forums, meetings and courses which highlight the importance of creativity and invention and how to develop and the ways of its development

9)      The issuance of cultural publication that spread the creative and innovative awareness in the university

10)  Providing information sources that simplifies the sciences that participate in developing the scientific research of students.



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