Continuous Improvement and Qualifying for Accreditation Project

Quality Assurance Unit in the Faculty of Education

Quality assurance unit in the Faculty of Education is established as a certified unit subordinate to unit follow-up department in management of development and evaluation of performance for quality assurance in the university entitled “quality assurance unit” and it placed in organizational structure following the dean directly and the faculty council agreed to establish it on June 14, 2009.


Quality Assurance Unit in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Quality assurance unit in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was established and executive office was formed by the decision of the faculty council on December4, 2002. As well, the dean invites the executive manager of quality assurance unit to attend meetings of the faculty council as representative of the unit and the adoption and accreditation of organizational structure was done on August 13, 2012 and the modernization and accreditation was done on September14, 2012.


Quality Assurance Unit in the Faculty of Engineering

The Ministry of Higher Education adopts the implementation of plan put by conference of university education development in 2000 through six projects at the level of Egyptian Universities and one of these projects is:

Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Through this project, the projects of Quality Assurance and Accreditation are implemented in all Egyptian Universities through: national committee of Quality Assurance and Accreditation. Within the effort done by National Committee of Quality Assurance and Accreditation formed of the ministry of higher education and state for scientific research, Egyptian system for quality assurance in higher education has been proposed in line with international standards to exchange mutual recognition between it and regional and international systems and this system has put up for discussion with the institutions of academic higher education and beneficiaries from higher education service.



Quality Assurance Unit in the Faculty of Commerce

Quality Assurance and Accreditation unit represents the core of quality and development and the basis of presence and work inside the faculty as it is responsible for quality assurance in all activities and practices of academic, educational and scientific work starting with the preparation and drafting academic programs, educational plans, curriculums, mechanisms of education, the ways of assessment and verification of the level of performance and outputs of educational, scientific and end with the measurement of comprehensive academic quality indicators of the overall educational and scientific activity in the faculty and how it satisfy the requirements of academic quality according to the standards of national authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation and international quality standards.

On the other hand, the other side of missions of Quality Assurance and Accreditation is directed to academic accreditation as the unit should work in coordination with academic departments to prepare academic programs to obtain academic accreditation nationally and internationally by ensuring the readiness of those programs and they meet all academic quality standards and the requirements for obtaining academic accreditation at the level of the institution and the academic program level.

As a result of such importance that the unit has gained, the unit has been established after the approval of national committee of Quality Assurance and Accreditation on April 5, 2007 and the approval of the president representative of the faculty council on May 14, 2007.


Quality Assurance Unit in the Faculty of Specific Education

·         Quality:

The fulfilment of expected requirements of service or those on which the authority agree to receive this service. There are levels through which they can achieve the targeted requirements.

Making positive changes for everything inside educational institution as it includes these changed such as thought, beliefs, concepts, leadership style, work systems, the level of performance and behavior to improve all components of institution and its development to reach the highest quality in graduates.


·         Academic quality:

The academic quality describes the success of available educational opportunities to students in helping them to achieve the desired degrees and it works to ensure the availability of appropriate and effective teaching, support, assessment, as well as educational opportunities appropriate and effective.


·         Education quality assurance:

Education quality assurance means these special operations that verify that academic and institutional standards compatible with the educational mission of the institution, have been identified and defined and achieved as consistent with the corresponding standards, whether at the national or global level, and that the quality of learning opportunities and scientific research level, and participation community and environmental Development considered appropriate or exceed the expectations of all types of end-users of services provided by the educational institution.


·         Accreditation:

The recognition granted by national authority of Quality Assurance and Accreditation for educational institutions if it can prove that they have the institutional capacity and achieve educational effectiveness according to standard academic reference standards which represent the minimum or any international standards accredited from the institute and has the advanced systems that ensure improvement and continuous enhancement of quality.


According to the universities regulation law No 49 for the year 1972, its executive law, laws, amended and supplemented laws including the republic decree No 129 for the year 2006 about the establishment of two new universities and modifying some provisions of the regulations for universities regulation law including in the first article the establishment of Kafrelsheikh University and after the issuance of law No 82 for the year 2006 about establishing the national authority of Accreditation and Education Quality Assurance and the republic decree No 25 for the year 2007 of its executive schedule. By examining the guide of higher education institutions accreditation in August 2009, it is necessary to open accredited unit for quality assurance in organizational structure and the university has taken legal procedures until the decision of the head of the Central Agency for Organization Management No. 280 for the year 2010 was issued about modernization of management of performance development and evaluation for quality assurance in organizational structure and according to the approval of the head of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration No. 280 for the year 2010 in accordance with internal schedule for performance development and evaluation for quality assurance at Kafrelsheikh University and its units in the faculties accredited by university council No 62 on February 28, 2011.


Quality Assurance Unit in the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts, Kafrelsheikh University, has established a quality assurance unit organized by the dean according to the decision of the head of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration No. 280 for the year 2010.



Distinctive Unit in the Field of Quality for getting Accreditation



The unit seeks to spread culture in the faculty through preparing outstanding team which has the ability to do quality deeds and manage its projects to achieve accreditation standards.




Quality Assurance Unit in the Faculty of Pharmacy



Quality is our motto and excellence is our way to support competitive ability for our faculty among all Faculties of Pharmacy during the first and second decades of this century.


The mission of the project summed up in continuous development and quality assurance to improve the efficiency of performance in the way that enables the faculty to achieve the following:

·         Graduating distinguished graduates that fit the needs of labor market.

·         Providing graduate that has the abilities, skills and information in the administrative, financial and economic fields no less than in Egyptian University which get the accreditation and quality certificate

·         Dependence on information and communication technology at a high level of efficiency and support educational and administrative process for this technique

·         Dependence on innovative and unique teaching methods to prepare graduates that have sufficient understanding of strategic dimension and have the ability to acquire information, abilities and necessary skills

·         Linking educational process to research centers in institutions and organizations at the national, Arab and foreign level.

·         Finding distinct identity for the faculty through developing the scientific content of curriculums to suit the needs of labor market

·         Improving the productivity of employees and staff members through integrated programs for care, training, motivation and calendar

·          Respect the values and traditions of community and support the cooperation to spread science and knowledge of this community through programs of postgraduate studies and public service centers to spread information technology and support administrative and economic skills for the sons of community.

The goals:

1)      Spread the culture of quality among staff members and assistant staff

2)      Proposal and renewal of academic programs for the faculty according to academic standards

3)      Performance evaluation

4)      Monitoring quality assurance and achieving continuity

5)      Processing the faculty for accreditation by the National Authority of Quality



Quality Assurance Unit in the Faculty of Medicine



It aims to prepare graduates with high efficiency and high scientific and professional position according to local, regional and international standards through the application of advanced professional programs and advanced high-quality scientific research and outstanding services for environment development and surrounding community service in the faculty



It aims to achieve the faculty mission in acquire the community trust in the efficiency of performance, continuous development and quality assurance for systems and educational programs by depending on distinct human efficiencies, sufficient material resources, measuring systems and mechanisms globally recognized to ensure graduating doctors specialists with high scientific efficiency and high skill in all areas related to the profession of medicine who are highly competitive in all educational, research, community and environmental fields.