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Kafrelsheikh University was established by republican decree No 129 for the year 2006 after it was a branch to Tanta since 1983, including eight faculties such as Agriculture, Commerce, Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, Arts, Specific Education and Sportive Education. On 22/4/2009, the Faculty of Science was established to complete the number of faculties to be nine faculties. Despite its short life in construction, it has taken great strides and fast on both scientific and urban sides, but it is not in the required level of ambitions of province sons.


In November 2011, Prof Dr Maged el Kemary is appointed by elections Kafrelsheikh University President. The university plans to introduce new six faculties, one of them is the Faculty of Pharmacy. As well, the university gets the approval of the council of ministers for the establishment of the Faculty of Fisheries and the approval of the supreme council of universities for the establishment of the Faculties of Nursing and Physical Therapy as well as the Faculty of Dentistry for the service of citizens.

On the other hand, the university begins immediately to maximize the benefit of the available possibilities by rehabilitating and redesigning constructions existing in the university or under construction for being specialized for the faculties of Nursing, Physical Therapy and Medicine as well as temporary building for the Faculty of Pharmacy and another for the Faculty of Fisheries. As well, the university is about to construct new building for the faculties of Pharmacy, Dentistry, hospital university, the Faculty of Specific Education, the Faculty of Fisheries and the second stage of the Faculty of Engineering (workshops building). It notified some faculties to provide staff members as well as opening the door for appointing some scientific cadres of staff members and assistant staff. Not only is our role in the achievement of new constructions, but the university rebuilds all old university buildings of faculties, auditoriums and student housing.

To overcome the suffering of students in remedy in student hospital in Tanta, student hospital is established inside university campus and is provided with necessary medical instrument. Because of the care of quality of educational and research process, university classification improved from No 28 to No 9 over Egyptian universities according to Spanish Webmatrics webasite. We will here appoint to the achievements of Kafrelsheikh University President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary since incumbency in his position as president.





The Improvement of Kafrelsheikh University Characterization

Kafrelsheikh University succeeded in being within the first hundred universities in Arab and Africa after university classification passes more than six thousand Arab and African universities through the last year as it achieves No 9 over Egyptian universities No 56 over Africa as well as No 3589 internationally in July 2012.





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July 2012




January 2013




·         The Completion of establishment, modification and furnishing the building of the Faculty of Science:

The study in the Faculty of Science had begun in the laboratories of the Faculty of Education and administrative building besides the Faculty in 2009 and the building of the faculty besides the Faculty of Engineering and in front of the Faculty of Agriculture. The building is put up in tender when I was the vice dean in the faculty and the design has many defaults, so I spoke with the dean to ask for modifying the design, but he refuses.


The New Faculties

·         The beginning of study in the Faculty of Pharmacy:

The administrative building for the Faculty of Science is specified as a temporary building in the Faculty, but it has no prepared laboratories for practical trainings, so the labs are equipped with benches according to the international standard specifications.




  The Faculty of Fisheries:

This faculty is urgent need in Kafrelsheikh governorate to meet the needs of the governorate and other governorate and the state generally as well as response to job market requirements to prepare graduate capable of accommodate modern techniques in the field of aquaculture and fish processing and the increase of the productivity of fish wealth as an important sector in national economy, the development and organization of aquatic environment as well as offering the opportunity to contribute in getting rid of employment in the community.


On the other hand, the establishment of this faculty will participate in developing fish production and filling the need of Egyptian citizen of Nile and navy animal proteins with prices commensurate with consumer, with high quality and free of diseases and pollutants. The use of new techniques in the development of fish wealth will lead to double production and the best use of available possibilities in governorate.

     Egypt has occupied the first place in the world in importing fishes from South-east Asia and the Persian Gulf despite its coastline expands about 1800 kilometers on the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and the presence of the River Nile and 9 lakes and it imports 400 000 tons per year of fish waste from Ukraine and South-East Asia.


·         Student Hospital:

This hospital is established to present free health services for university students to reduce the burden on students as a result of the difficulty of arriving at Tanta University students Hospital to receive health service as they are in desperate need of appropriate healthy environment. Clinics are equipped with specialist equipment.


Under Construction Faculties

·         First, the Faculty of Nursing:

Governmental and private hospitals have difficulty in lack of nursing staff due to the need of university hospital to scientifically and academically qualified nurses to present nursing health service. Nursing staff represents 40% - 60% of all employees in the hospital, so it is necessary to establish this faculty in the university.

On the other hand, sectors committee of the Faculties of Nursing has visited the university on Wednesday 6/3/2013 to identify the human and material possibilities for the suggested faculty and the possibility of the beginning of study in it. The sector delegation including Prof Dr Suheir Badr el Deen, Cairo University; Prof Dr Kamilia Fouad Abed Allah, Ain Shams University and Prof Mohga Abed el Aziz, Cairo University, survey the suggested building for the faculty, study hall, laboratories, administrative offices and staff members.




·         Second, the Faculty of Physical Therapy:

Physical Therapy is one of important medical specialists in the integrated health care which presents different services for patients of different diseases and other health needs. This has increased the demand for the study of physical therapy as a result of increasing social and health awareness for the importance of this task and what specialists presents in physical therapy of services as an important part of the medical team at all health facilities as well as the need of health sector for specialists in physical therapy at all levels is an important stimulus for receiving more students for this specialization.


On the other hand, medical studies sector committee, (specialism: physical therapy) in the supreme council of universities under the authority of the dean of the Faculty of Physical Therapy in Cairo University, visits the university and surveys the faculty building as well as human and material recourses. The delegation expresses his admiration of laboratories, auditoriums, halls and offices. As well, it surveys the building of the Faculty of Medicine and student hospital.