Important Information
The top administrative members of KFS University

Prof. Dr. Maged Abdeltawab El Kamary


President of the University

Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Moharm Barakat

The University Warden

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Aman

Vice President for Community Service

and Enviroment Affairs

Prof. Dr. El Saied Hegaz

Vice President for Postgraduate and

Search Affairs

Prof. Dr.Mohamed Abu Walli

Vice President for Education

and Student Affairs



Location and Climate

The University is situated at Kafrelsheikh City, the capital of Kafrelsheikh governorate, 120 km in the northeastern part of Egypt . The governorate is blessed with remarkable natural landscape, fantastic weather, and a high number of sunny hours, with a population near to 2 . 5 million inhabitants . The governorate is characterized by long Seashore on the Mediterranean Sea, where the summer visitors spend nice times there .



Kafrelsheikh City is 120 kilometer far from Cairo and Alexandria . It can be reached by Bus and Taxi in about 90 minutes .



The University can be contacted through the following address :
El -Geish Street, Kafrelsheikh, Egypt .

Tel . 047 - 3224707
Fax . 047 - 3223419
Website : www .kfs .edu .eg