Genetic Variation Among and Within Uromyces Species Infecting Legumes


Genetic variation of 30 different Uromyces isolates collected on faba bean, lentil, common vetch, pea, chickpea, alfalfa, cowpea and lupin was studied. Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA markers were used showing clear differences among Uromyces species.Uromyces viciae-fabae isolates clustered according to the host, with a clear cluster including all U. viciaefabae ex Vicia faba isolates. The U. viciae-fabae ex Lens culinaris isolate was the nearest to the cluster of U. viciae faba ex V. faba isolates, followed by U. pisi from Canada and U. viciae-fabae ex V. sativa. No association was found among molecular diversity and virulence or geographic origin within U. vicia-fabae ex V. faba isolates. Among the three U. pisi isolates considered, a great variability was observed and no grouping could be established. The most different isolate from the rest of species considered was U. striatus, followed by U. vignae. The two U. ciceris-arietini isolates clustered together and so did the two U. lupinicolus isolates.