E-learning Project

The project presents many services which summaries in the following:

1)      The production of e-learning courses for various faculties and activation of produced courses after training professors and students on the applications of using e-learning

2)      The production of electronic courses subordinate to competitive program (soil program) and activate it in the Faculty of Agriculture

3)      Marketing electronic courses produced in other universities.

4)      Creating four virtual labs

Two labs for the Department of Pesticides, the Faculty of Agriculture and lab for the Faculty of Science and another for the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

5)      Providing database of digital media library containing photos, presentations, interactive simulation, video clips, audio clips, flash, documents and any other educational elements which depend on its design on multimedia

6)      Availability of educational resources by faculty members (recorded lectures, videos, photos, introductory presentations………….) for student through internal model inside the university.

7)      The conversion of the courses of three faculties (Agriculture, Sportive Education, and Veterinary Medicine) which obtained an insurance (CQAAP) electronically through sub-centers subordinate to the main center

8)      Presenting services for surrounding community represented in:

A)    Design and produce military courses for Police Academy

B)    Design and produce electronic courses for literacy

C)    The conversion of courses of stages of transitions in the Ministry of Education to e-courses

D)    Design and produce e-programs for the students of scientific research from the researchers of Master’s Degree and Doctorate in the field of education technology.