Portal project

About the project:

Within the interest of constructing advanced university community which depends on the flow of information among its members, portal project is established to complete the achievements made through the development of Information and Communication Technology Projects in the higher education in the following themes for (ICTP) project and to maximize to take advantage of systems and services achieved, it is necessary to provide these services for their beneficiaries in any place and at any time through establishing portal project which will provide its services through information networks and internet for all categories of stakeholders who are students, professors, graduates, researchers and civil community and who are within the scope of higher education system and who has the access to this information. In this regard, the university had contracted with ICTP, project management unit of higher education development to implement portal project.


On the other hand, portal project aims to create a single space to deal with the different sources of data and make it available for students, professors, researchers, graduates and different administrative levels to raise the efficiency of education and university achievement and performance. This portal works to provide the electronic content of university for the community of beneficiaries and to facilitate the access to required services and information for all categories of beneficiaries in the higher education and decision makers based on (single_ sign on) system.


This project provides the benefit from the services funded by the Ministry of Higher Education for all beneficiaries through providing interfaces to take advantage of the services of university information systems on (single sign-on) such as:

1)      Management information systems

2)      Digital libraries

3)      E-learning and training

4)       New services, email, blogs, forums and many modern tools that are a factors to attract young student and develop their affiliation to the university community.