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From 2005 till 2008, the ministry of higher education managed to implement and fund the higher education evolution project (HEEP) which included six main projects, among which was the information and communication technology project (ICTP). During this period, the ICTP funded a number of projects in the supreme council of universities which aimed at upgrading the level of benefit from information technology in the Egyptian universities, as well as at reducing the digital gap through working on the following elements:

·         The infrastructure of the universities' information networks.

·         Management information systems

·         portal

·         E-learning

·         The digital library

·         Training in information technology

At the beginning of June 2009, the ministry of higher education financed the ICTP from its budget with the aim of the continual development of the following elements:

The infrastructure of information networks

·         Projects of establishing and developing the infrastructure of information centers in the universities.

·         Projects of increasing the networking points in the universities using a fund from the communications ministry.

·         The project of completing the infrastructure of the Egyptian universities' network in the supreme council of universities.

·         The project of developing an information centre in the ministry of higher education.

Management information systems

·         Projects of developing and operating the applications of management information systems in the universities and technological faculties.

·         Projects of constituting an electronic gate for universities and technological faculties.

Establishing an electronic gate for the universities

·         Projects of the electronic gate include all faculties and universities.


·         Projects of activating the use of information technology in education through e-learning.

·         Competitive projects for producing and publishing electronic curricula for a number of study programs.

The digital libraries

·         Projects of completing the constitution of a unified index for the university libraries.

·         The project of establishing a national digital repository of scientific dissertations and researches.

 Training in information technology

·         Projects concerned with training in information technology.

     In the financial year 2012-2013, projects of technological services were newly introduced in the faculties. Also, there was an announcement of competitive projects so as to convert the academic programs into electronic ones, and the universities were entitled to evaluate these projects in order to be funded during the financial year 2012.

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