1) The infrastructure of the universities' information networks

The information network is implemented with advanced technology level and what has been implemented can be summed up in the following:

1)      Major center (development center) consists of conditioned room in which it contains backbone router, UPS device, two servers and some computers. A cable of optic fibers come out of this room which link the center to Kafrelsheikh central and link the university to local and international environment as well as cables of optic fibers link the main distributer of the network to university buildings i.e. university network is Giga Ethernet.

2)      Every faculty or building in the university has internal network with switch (distributer) or more which comes out of copper cables (cat 6) linking with network connection points in the building and the switches are connected to each other or to mail center with fiber cables

3)      All points of network connection are connected with each other as the university is one network

4)      400 points of network connection are implemented in the different university buildings as well as 102 points in the Faculty of education are linked (pre-existing)

5)      Wireless network are put in university management building to run the building wirelessly

6)      University network is connected to Egyptian Universities network so that they consider Egyptian Universities network is one network

7)      Egyptian Universities network is linked locally to (research institutes, Alexandria Library and National Institute of Communications) and outside world with multiple links.