Fields of research

Research field
1Structural Engineering
2Computer Engineering and Automatic Control
3Arch .Design
4Mechanical Power Engineering
5Power Engineering and Electrical Machines
6Mechanical Engineering
7Public Works Engineering
9Engineering Mathematics
10Engineeringn Power Engineering
11Electrical Engineering
12Communications and Electronics
13Power and Machines
14Mechanical design and production
15Powder Metallurgy
16market clearing price(MCP)
17power generation dispatch
18Information Sysytems
19optimization methods
20Fuzzy Sets
21Genetic algorithms
22Healthcare environment
23Heat-affected zone
24Production Engineering
25Production Engineering and Mechanical Design
26Spatial geometry - Geodesy
27Rough Sets
28The charger type effect on both the PV array size and the COE
29Solar energy
30Power and machinery, electric,
31Civil Engineering
32Analysis of RC continuos beams
33Independent System Operator (ISO)
35Electrical Power System
36dynamic programming
37Computers and automatic control
38Decision Making
39Fluid Mechanics
40Granuler Computing
41Green architecture
42Green building rating systems
43Green composites
44groove geometry
47Healthcare Architecture
48Forecasting solar and geomagnetic levels of activity
49Fuzzy Logic Neural Network
50Fuzzy modelling
51Engineering Physics and Mathematics
52Computer Science
53Enhanced loose coupling
54Enhanced loose coupling
55Enhancement of flexible parement
56Environmental Design Green Architecture
57Evitence-used design
58Evolution of the Microstructure in Hot Bar Rolling
59Experimental procedure
60Experimental setup
61External pretressing technique
62Externally strengthening using FRP
63FACTS; Hybrid Switched Capacitive compensator-HSCC
65Fault Location in distribution system
67FEM modeling of periodic arrays of muli-walled carbon nanotubes
68Fiber Rienforced pohymer (FRP)
69finite elements
71Deregulated power systems
74Design considerations,
75Design of experements
76Development of Nano-materials
77Dielectric properties
78Digital power system protection
79digital signal processing
80Discrete finite element modeling
81Distribted Generation
83Construction Engineering
84Contact Physics
85Control of Electrical Machines
87Corrugated solar still
89Cuprous oxide
90Data Mining
91Debonding failure mechanisms
92Dynamic Programming Approach to Unit Commitment
93dynamic conductivity of SWCNT dipole antennas
94Earthen Architectural heritage in Egypt
95Earthquake Engineering
97Economics of energy
98EDM Wire electrodes
99efficient energy utilization,
100Efficient Selective
101Efficient solution of rational conics
102Electric machines analysis using FEM
103Electricity Market Payment
104Electromagnetic forming
105Electronic Engineering
106Electronics and Electrical Communications
107Electro-thermal machining
109energy management and planning
110(Friction Stir Welding (FSW
111(Mechanical Alloying (MA
113(Spark plasma sintering (SPS
114.Power system operation and control
115.Renewable energy
116: fuzzy controller: static and adapted fuzzy sets and power system stabilizer
117• Dynamic Modeling, Simulation, and Stability Analysis of mobile Manipulators
118• Modeling and Simulation of Parallel Manipulators
120A Branch and Bound Algorithm for Unit Commitment
121A course in computational algebraic number theory
122A novel conformal RFIDenabled module utilizing inkjet-printed antennas and carbon nanotubes for gas-detection applications
123adapted and static fuzzy sets
125Air conditioning and refigeration
126Aluminum oxide;
127An Experimental Investigation into The Effect of Treatment Temperature on The Grain Size of Low Carbon and Microalloyed Steels
128An identity based encryption scheme based on quadratic residues
129Analysis of FRP-strengthened simple beams
130- M.Sc. in Engineering
131The effect of battery bank voltage on the COE
132- Urban design - Conservation the heritage - ISlamic Architecture - Architecture
133antenna effect in arrays of aligned carbon nanotubes
134bilateral exchanges
137Cutting speed
139Electromagnetic forming
140Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC)
141generation companies (GENCOs)
142Heat Transfer
144hydraulic control
145journal bearing
146nanotechnology application in engineering
147Optical properties of PVC-MWCNT nanocomposites
148power generation dispatch
149prediction of Solar Activity
150Secure Identity Based Encryption Without Random Oracles
151Surface roughness
152synchronous reluctance motor
153transmission cost allocation
154unit commitment
155unit commitment, optimization methods
156Work hardening
157and 2 nd order fuzzy sets
160Ant colony optimization
161Application of Computational Tools in Manufacturing Technology
162Applied soft computing
163Design of flexible parement
164Design of recycled asphalt mixture
165Moisture damage of parement
166Repeated recycling of parement
167deregulation, generation companies (GENCOs)
168civil engineering department
169Cleaner Production
170CNC machining
171Coating technology
173Communication Engineering
174Communications Engineering
175compitional fluid dynamics
176composite slabs
177Computational Fluid Dynamics
178Computer -Aided calculation for section rolling
179Augmanted Reality
180B.Sc. in Mechanical Design and Production engineering
181-based encryption (IBE)
182Based Encryption Revisited
183based encryption without random oracles
184based signature
185Basin solar sti
186Basin solar still
187Behavior of CFRP Retrofitted Infilled RC Frame
188Biomaterials./ Nanobiomaterials
189carbon nanotubes
191Characterization of Macro, Micro and Nano Materials.
192Chip morphology
193Solar Energy Applications
194Solid Lubricants
195The cost of each PV system component
196The Egyption architectural village
197The percentage cost of each PV system component for 30 years
198The percentage cost of PV system component every 5 years
199The ratio of current solar irradiatio to standard solar irradiation
200The Temperature, Roll Force And Roll Torque during Hot Bar Rolling
201thermal power station
202Thermodynamic modeling by Miedema
203time series
204torsion on Rc. beams
205Torsional behavior of RC beams
206Tosion on Rc. beams
207Transmission Loss Allocation
209Turbulence Models
210Two stage interrupted compression test on high Nb HSLA steel
211Two-Phase Flow
212uniaxial nonlinear FEMS
213unit commitment
214using of geotextile in flexible pavement
216voltage stabilization.
217Water Desalination
219White layer zone
220Wick solar still;
221Wind Energy
223?-band contribution to the optical properties of carbon nanotubes
224Sand Box
225Self-excited induction generator
226Shear Behaviour of Pre-cracked Continuous Beam
227Sheet metal forming
228Sheet metal forming
229sheet pile
231Simulation of hot rolling process using multistage compression test of plain carbon steel
232sized using simplified mathematical expressions
234smart grid
235Soft Computing
236Solar and Stellar Activity Cycles
237Pushover Analysis
238Quadratic Residuosity Assumption, IND-ID-CPA.
239Quantum dots
240Rapid prototyping
241Rc. box girder
242reactive power dispatch
243Recycling of pavement
244Reinforced high strength concrete
245Renewable Energy
246Renewable energy supply chains, performance
247Renewable Energy Sources,Electrical Machines,Electrical Drives,Power Electronics
248retrofitting and rehabilitation of existing structures
249RF circuit model
250Rocket Motors
251Static, Monotonic and cyclic loading
252Statical Evaluation of Hot Bar Rolling Theories
253Strain hardening models
254Strengtheng and repair of box girders
255strenqthening RC beams using steel plates
256Protection power systems
257Power distribntion system analysis
258Studies of Flow Stress Relationships Using Experimental Data for Carbon Steel
259Sunspot numbers
260Surface Modifications
261Surface plasmon resonances
262Surface roughness
264Sustainable Energy Development
265Sustainable production
266sustainable residential buildings
267Synthesis of aligned arrays of millimeter long, straight single walled carbon nanotubes
268Technological review on solar PV in Pakistan
270Temperature distribution in hot bar rolling
271the effect of varying different operating and design parameters on the sizing and economics of standalone PV systems
272herringbone grooved
273High strain rates
274High speed forming
275High strain rates
276Hospital making desicion
277Hybrid controller
278Hydraulic circuits
279Identity-based Cryptography
280Identity-based Encryption
281Impact loading
282Heat and mass transfer
283Global rating system for healthcare building
284Gradually raried follow
285galaxies: individual (NGC 3384).
286galaxies: stellar population
287Gas-Solid Flow
288Mediated RSA
289Melt treatment
291methods: numerical
292Microcavity light emitting devices
294Microstructures and nanostructures for environmental carbon nanotubes and nanoparticulate soots
295Micro-surface characterization
296Modelling of the deformation in hot bar rolling using Plasticine
297modified loose coupling method.
298modified sensitivity factors
299Multi-Stage Fuzzy logic controller
300Multi-wall carbon nanotube
301Nano Technology
305Nanotechnology Applications
306Near surface mounted strengthening technique
307Neural network
308Neural Networks
309Neuro-Fuzzy approach
310Non-conventional machining
311Novel nano-antenna system deign using photonic spin in a panda ring resonator
312Nurse station
313On the Randomness of Legendre and Jacobi Sequences
314Optical antenna
315Optical nanoantennas
316Optical properties of graphite
317particle swarm optimization (PSO)
318Particle swarm optimization technique
319particle swarm optimization technique,
320Passive/ Bio-climatic Design
321patient rooms
322Performance of Wind Turbines
323photovoltaic pumping system
324PI controller
325Plasmonic nanoantenna arrays for the visible.
326Plastic hinge length
327Polymer-carbon nanotube sheets for conformal load bearing antennas
328Population density and area weighted solar irradiation: global overview on solar resource conditions for fixed tilted, 1-axis and 2-axes PV systems
329Intelligent machining
330Interfacial stress analysis of steel beams reinforced
331Internal compution engines
332Introduction to Metal-Nanoparticle Plasmonics
333Irrigation and Hydraulics
335Jhanwar-Barua’s Identity
336long term behavior of reinforced polymer concretes
337machine control and drive using power electronic
338Manufacturing Technology
339Power system component modeling
340power system planing
341Practical Identity-Based
342Precast slabs
343prediction of torsional moment on Box. girder
344Prestressed slabs
345production cost minimization, sensitivity analysis
346Materials processing
347maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
348Mechanical Design
349Power Generation, Operation and Control