Strategic Goals off the Faculty:

According to the supreme definition of "education" term that takes place through developing the human abilities and manners and his\her moral and religious values, respecting the human nature and rights, the mission of Faculty of Education seeks achieving these goals:

1.     Preparing a well qualified professional instructors in the different instructional stages

2.     Preparing the specialists and leaders within the different educational fields

3.     Improving the quality of the academic programs presented within the faculty 

4.     Improving the professional performance of instructors in the different educational fields

5.     Conducting different research papers that participate in producing the educational knowledge besides treating the different problems facing the educational institutions

6.     Participating in the process of improving and developing the educational thinking, besides widening the scope of the modern educational trends

7- Documenting the poundage between the faculty and the society through providing the different technical consultations that participate in improving and developing the educational process