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Department of Oriental Languages

          An Outline

The department presents the oriental languages' program, which aims to present a graduate who has the ability to:

Master the different oriental languages (spoken, written, read) fluently.

Translate from oriental languages to Arabic and vice versa.

Master oriental languages in a way that allow him to speak and interact to understand their intellectual, artistic, and new yields.

Communicate with other cultures with a well-made background of his Arabic culture.

Master oriental languages and to recognize their cultural framework with its characteristics.

Reading Hebrew, Turkish, and Urdu literature comprehensively.

The Academic Standards of the Philosophical Program includes

  Knowledge and Understanding

The graduate should have the ability to recognize

Linguistic and grammatical rules of oriental languages.

Common linguistic and literary expressions in oriental languages.

Most common literary and intellectual movements of the oriental tradition.

Most famous ancient and contemporary authors and thinkers of the oriental tradition and their most important literary and intellectual yields.

Basic knowledge and concepts in the field of literary theories.

Most important linguistic and grammatical rules of Arabic language.

   Professional Skills

The graduate should have the ability to

Apply the taught information and concepts on his work area.

Read the written texts in different oriental languages correctly.

Translate texts from and to Arabic language.

Use the correct linguistic rules in writing a thesis or an essay or in giving a speech in oriental languages.

Engage different humanities in practicing literary and linguistic work.

Use second language's dictionaries.

Dialogue with speakers of different oriental languages.

Mental Skills

The graduate should have the ability to

Understand contextual relationships of different methods in oriental languages and differentiate among them.

Analyse and criticize oral and written texts in oriental languages.

Understand oriental languages' linguistic and grammatical semantic and their development.

Compare between the culture and tradition of oriental languages and the culture and tradition of Arabic language.

  General Skills

The graduate should have the ability to

Work and lead a team.

Express in a concise phrase.

Recommend appropriate solutions to any problem that would face him in his work area.

Communicate efficiently with others.

Use information technology in his area of specialization.

Collect and display information appropriately.

Deal efficiently with information sources.

Department of Oriental Languages and Literature