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 The department offers Psychology program that aims at preparing a graduate who is able to do the following:

Applying a versatile number of psychological perspectives in the scientific life.

    Framing the theory and employing it in real life efficiently.

    Resolving problems and explaining the nature of the pressure that he exposes to and the difference between the various fields and the progress achieved in each field as per its nature.

The academic criteria of Psychology Program that must include: knowledge and perception

The graduate must be able to

      Identify the research principles of Psychology.

       Identify the various forms and differences of the role of Psychology.

       Understanding community and ways to progress and advance in society via his study of psychology.

Mental Skills

The graduate must be able to

      Determine the major reasons for each problem and attempt to make assumptions for resolving it.

      Have the ability to assess the different situations and plan well for each and monitor it.

      Show efficiency in research competence through scientific and educational activities.

Professional and technical skills

The graduate must be able to:

       Communicate the ideas and research results.

       Interpret and use mathematics and statistics and other forms of data.         Identify the factors and variables related to tourism, the individual, the group, the institution and the dynamics of interaction among them.

General Skills

The graduate must be able to:

    Use ideas to communicate and present the results of the research evaluation efficiently and smoothly as per the required methods.

        Use the computer and understand and perceive numbers and statistics and other types of knowledge.

      Be acquainted with general knowledge and the ability to take on responsibility.

         Elevate himself by tackling aspects of weaknesses and increase his strengths.

       Solve problems and overcome social and professional obstacles.

       Work in a team.

      Think critically.

        Manage a democratic dialogue.

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