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 Department of Philosophy

     An Outline

The department offers the philosophical program that aims to present a graduate who has the ability to

Know the concept of philosophy with its different branches.

Apply scientific research curricula to philosophy.

Introduce the most famous philosophers and their vital roles.

Know the importance of philosophy to the individual and the society.

The Academic standards of the Philosophical Program includes:

  Knowledge and Understanding

The graduate should have the ability to

Recognize how philosophy was originated and the philosophical opinions of some philosophers throughout different ages.

Recognize the relation between behaviour and religion.

Recognize the nature of the origin of Christian philosophy and the opinions of Christian philosophers.

Mention topics on theology and its fields.

   Mental Skills

The graduate should have the ability to apprehend

The distinctions among the philosophers’ different points of view.

The most important intellectual and ideological streams.

The difference between behaviour and other sciences.

The relation between asceticism and mysticism.

The relation between philosophy and religion.

  Professional and Practical Skills

The graduate should have the ability to

Participate in discussion and creation of opinion on contemporary intellectual issues.

Use the philosophical approaches in developing his work area.

Contribute to solve the problem of intellectual inertia.

  General Skills

The graduate should have the ability to

Use the computer, the internet, and the e-mail.

Utilize the statistical programs to process research data.

Work in a team.

Discuss certain results.

Think critically.

Manage a debate in a democratic manner.

Deals efficiently with sources of information.

Department of Philosophy