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Department of History aspires to leadership, distinction and innovation as it offers services demanded by the local and regional communities for Department visitors via providing unique and versatile program that varies between ancient, middle, Islamic and modern history.


History Department strives for providing distinguished education in the field of History and preparing an efficient graduate fully aware of methods of modern technology that are required by labor market at the local and regional levels as well as offering highly qualified researchers who work for community service and the surrounding environment.


         Offering distinctive and good quality academic programs for under and post graduates for the sake of offering outstanding graduates.

        Providing scientific research service in the field of History and open up new horizons for developing the discipline and elevate it

   Benefitting from historical studies in a way that serves education and research.

       Sharpening the students’ skills to increase their knowledge of their homeland history and boost their patriotism.

      Contributing to community service and the development of the environment via continuous training and education and recognition of the importance of gaining knowledge of History.

Department of History