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Department of French Language and Literature

An Outline

The Department offers the French Language and Literature Program which aims at preparing a graduate able to

Have a good command of the French language (spoken and written)

Translate from French language to Arabic and vice-versa.

Speak French language fluently, proficiently and interactively and be acquainted with its intellectual and technical production and its updates.

Communicate with other cultures relying on his powerful Arabian cultural background.

Be proficient in French language and have the ability to perceive its extensive cultural structure and its distinctive features.

Read French literature carefully.

Academic standards of French Language Program and its literature involving knowledge and perception

The graduate must have acquired knowledge and the ability to understand:

The linguistic competence and grammatical rules of French language.

Methods of common linguistic and literary expressions in French language.

Common literary and intellectual currents in French language heritage.

Most popular early and contemporary men of letters and thinkers in French language heritage and their most significant literary and intellectual writings.

Basic knowledge and concepts in the field of literary theory.

The most important linguistic competence and grammatical rules of Arabic language.

Professional competence

The graduate must be able to

Utilize the knowledge and concepts studied in his career.

Read carefully the written texts in French language.

Translate texts from Arabic language and vise-versa.

Use standard linguistic competence in writing an essay, a report or deliver a speech in French language.

Utilize various humanities in the practice of literary and linguistic work.

Use foreign books in the second language already acquired.

Conduct a dialogue in French with native speakers.

Mental competence

The graduate must have acquired the ability to

Perceive contextual connotations of different French language styles and differentiate between them.

Analyze spoken and written discourse Critically in French language.

Perceive the linguistic and grammatical connotations of French language and their development.

Compare the culture of the French language he studied to the culture of the Arabic language and its heritage.

General Skills

The graduate must be able to

Work in groups and team management.

Express his ideas in short phrases.

Suggest appropriate solutions to any problem that you may encounter in his work.

Communicate positively with others.

Use information technology in his/her field of specialization.

Conveniently collect and display data.

Handle information sources efficiently.


Department of French Language and Literature