The Secretariat

 College Secretary

Mr. Said Al-Kurani

Financial and administrative director at the faculty

Phone: 3221842

Functions of the Secretary of the College

The incumbent is under the general direction of Prof. Dr. / Dean of the College

It also supervises the financial and administrative aspects of the faculty as follows:

Supervising the faculty.

Participate in the planning of financial and administrative work in the college and propose the development of executive programs.

Issuing the instructions prescribed for the labor policy in accordance with the laws, regulations and decisions issued in this regard.

Holding periodic meetings with heads and officials to discuss the steps of work and problems and work to resolve them.

Exercise financial and administrative authorities within the limits of the decisions regulating it.

Participate in the membership of the Administrative and Financial Committees and preside within the limits of laws and regulations and the decisions of the Organization.

Study the work reports of the organizational divisions supervised to determine the extent of each activity and make comments thereon.

To express an opinion on the additional appropriations, overruns and disbursements on previous budgets, and to monitor the validity of disbursement procedures, commitments and the proper implementation of regulations and rules.

Guiding subordinates in researching topics of special interest.

Carry out any other similar tasks assigned to him.