The Dean


Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon the noble prophets and messengers of our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions and those who followed them with charity until the Day of Judgment.


Dear students and colleagues - Fellows and faculty staff members of the faculty and staff - Gentlemen visitors I am pleased to welcome you to the corridors of the Faculty of Arts, Kafr El-Sheikh University

The student is at the center of the educational process and its fruit and purpose. Preparing it to face life and its challenges in the present and the future is the primary goal that our college strives for. Therefore, the college works to prepare a graduate with theoretical knowledge, experience and positive behaviors, and has the ability to employ them in building himself and the development of his community by providing high quality education according to international standards and developing the level of academic services. Provided to students, improve and develop academic programs in line with labor market need. It also adopts the philosophy of self-learning in problem solving and lifelong learning.

The College also seeks to focus on scientific research and spread the culture of scientific research, innovation and creativity, and encourage outstanding competencies of faculty members and students to contribute to the knowledge industry, which ensures the graduation of trained cadres capable of innovation and leadership in their areas of specialization and leadership of their communities.

Our team is characterized by a highly qualified faculty working in the spirit of team and the most important characteristic of this team is the spirit of harmony, love and cooperation, where they work very hard and dedicated to help students and encourage dialogue and openness to different cultures to improve the level of university education reflected on their professional performance in their workplace 

In conclusion, we ask God Almighty to preserve our leaders and governors, and to protect our homeland and our people from all hatred, and to make us always a guided gift and that our young people fit to serve their religion and their homeland and the governors of their command, and God is the guardian of success.

Prof. Walid Shawky El Behairy

Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Islamic Archeology