Reinforce criteria of quality management system to ensure application of international standards in university level education

Provide the community with research projects that manipulate issues scientifically

Prepare academics, translators, psychologists, social workers, archaeologists, men of letters, philosophers, geographers and historians with a high degree of competence in their fields

Ensure complete independence in designing scientific curriculums and keep pace with their development

Improve university setting to achieve appropriate learning environment for students and teachers

Increase students’ knowledge by getting them acquainted with other cultures

Pay undivided attention to the student’s educational and moral aspects and pursue tolerance and dedication in addition to ensure observing one’s manners first and then the others’ as per all religions and laws

Promote openness and communication with scientific institutions in Egypt and other countries

 Expand scientific cooperation to the private sector within an atmosphere of team spirit and work ethics

Reinforce relations between the faculty and different society sectors