Solidarity Fund

An introduction:

It is one of the social services presented to students to do social researches for the students not able to pay study fees and to pay the moral and financial assistance through the social solidarity fund. This fund aims to achieve the social security differently, execute student services and solve the problems that face students and prevent them from study because of lack of earned income.

The board of directors of social solidarity fund consists of:

1)    The agent for the affairs of education and students (head).

2)    Two staff members chosen by faculty council.

3)    The head of youth care department.

4)    The secretary of union after elections.


How to get the subsidy:

The terms:

1)    The student should be systematic.

2)    He/she should be Egyptian.

3)    The university should not issue disciplinary decisions inconsistent with the auspices of fund.

4)     He/she should go to new year except if the board sees that his/her conditions justify the payment of social assistance.

5)    He/she should bring what proves his/her conditions (social research, the father salary and agricultural holdings).

6)    The information source about the student to see how he/she deserves the assistance. 

The Procedures:

1)    The student fills the form and presents it to the responsible employee of the responsible authority.

2)    The social specialist will collect forms and determine session with the board of fund to hold emergency meeting to present the requests from fund.

3)    The fund board decides and an agreement is set after searching presented conditions. Besides, they determine the required assistance.

4)    The papers and documents go to the manager of youth care management to complete the administrative procedures of assistance.

The fund present financial and moral assistance through the assistance committee that studies the requests and researches and directs what is needed for every condition.

The fund secretary is Mr Essam el Nagar.