The ministerial decree No 898 in 1/11/1975  issued to issue the internal schedule in the faculty of Agriculture give the university council one bachelor’s degree in the agricultural science in one of the following departments:(Agricultural guidance, lands, agricultural economy, dairy science, plant pathology, animal production, agricultural production, food technology, economic entomology, vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants and landscaping, fruits, pesticides, rural community, crops, agricultural engineering and genetics).

·    The ministerial decree No 172 on 12 February 2006 is issued about the bifurcation of agricultural engineering from the first year instead of the second year.

·     The faculty prepares its students practically and scientifically in all different scientific specialisms and the faculty participates in the preparation of researchers (experts) in the agricultural field.

·  It participates by its developed scientific researches in the field of agricultural production, animal, land reclamation and the development of rural communities.

·   The constructions and buildings of faculty

·   The faculty consists of many buildings:

       The new building consists of seven floors:

1)    The ground floor contains:

·         The west side contains: computer laboratory, the office of accounts director, the faculty print, the office of faculty assistant and farm management, staff affairs, an account unit, the laboratory of food industries manufacture and dairy manufacture hall.

·         The east side contains: students’ affairs, the faculty coffer, the financial affairs and supplies, youth care office and dairy manufacture hall.

2)    The first floor consists of: - the western side: animal production department and the eastern side: poultry production department, post graduation studies library, students’ library.

3)    The second floor:- dean office, secretary , faculty council, quality assurance unit, guard chief office; the western side: the office of agent for the affairs of students and education, the office of agent for post graduation studies and research; the eastern side: the office of faculty secretary, staff break, net laboratory for students and another one for staff members and the office of the agent for the affairs of community service and environment development.

4)    The third floor: - the western side: food industries department and the eastern side is dairy science department.

5)     The fourth floor: - the western side: crops department and the eastern side: agricultural plant department.

6)    The fifth floor: - horticulture department, auditorium and seminar hall.

7)    The sixth floor: - student auditorium (1) and (2), dues office, storages, controls, employees affairs, archive, post graduation and geometric management.

8)    Auditoriums building: Fouad Badr auditorium, and Ahmed Saied el Nawawi auditorium and each of them can take 500 students and is located in university gate.

9)    Laboratories complex building and it consists of five stages and contains laboratories rooms, staff members’ offices and in the ground, it contains agricultural economy departments, agricultural engineering, and staff members club. Moreover, the second floor contains pesticides department and economic entomology is in the third floor and soil department is in the fourth floor. A wing from the fifth floor contain genetics department.

10)  The building of poultry farm and animal production farm and the building of plant disease greenhouses in Sakha.

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